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Discussione: TERA - 25 Obiettivi - 1000G

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    X2 TERA - 25 Obiettivi - 1000G

    25 OBIETTIVI - 1000G

    Arun Boss [200G]
    Killed named bosses on the Arun continent

    Shara Boss [200G]
    Killed named bosses on the Shara continent

    Level 65 [50G]
    Reached level 65

    A Poke in the Eye [30G]
    Cleared Argon Corpus dungeon

    Brought to Justice [30G]
    Cleared Macellarius Catacombs dungeon

    Downed the Clown [30G]
    Cleared Labyrinth of Terror dungeon

    Ebon and Bone [30G]
    Cleared Ebon Tower dungeon

    Fear Is Not an Option [30G]
    Cleared Kelsaik's Nest dungeon

    Level 40 [30G]
    Reached level 40

    Level 50 [30G]
    Reached level 50

    Level 60 [30G]
    Reached level 60

    Pain in the Temple [30G]
    Cleared Balder's Temple dungeon

    Plant One on Me [30G]
    Cleared Sabex Armory dungeon

    The Queen Is Dead [30G]
    Cleared Manaya's Core dungeon

    As Below [20G]
    Cleared Akasha's Hideout dungeon

    Destined To Die [20G]
    Cleared Saravash's Ascent dungeon

    Golden [20G]
    Cleared Golden Labyrinth dungeon

    Interview with a Vampyr [20G]
    Cleared Sinestral Manor dungeon

    Level 10 [20G]
    Reached level 10

    Level 20 [20G]
    Reached level 20

    Level 30 [20G]
    Reached level 30

    Necro Dancer [20G]
    Cleared Necromancer Tomb dungeon

    No Lok Today [20G]
    Cleared Bastion of Lok dungeon

    So Above [20G]
    Cleared Saleron's Sky Garden dungeon

    Take Refuge [20G]
    Cleared Cultists' Refuge dungeon

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