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Discussione: Emily Wants to Play Too - 14 Obiettivi - 1000G

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    X2 Emily Wants to Play Too - 14 Obiettivi - 1000G

    14 OBIETTIVI - 1000G

    That was tough! [90G]
    You found Emily in the darkness, while avoiding everyone...NICE!

    Tragic Accident [70G]
    Some people are so unlucky.

    I'm Out! [70G]
    Too scary for you, no sandwich for them!

    Old Evidence [70G]
    Vult Ludere? Puppet shows? Really old dolls? What!?

    Let her in! [70G]
    She wants to play too, even in your nightmares.

    Ma-ma Ma-ma [70G]
    Oh Greta, so charred, so eyeless, and she won't shut up!

    He Likes the Dark [70G]
    Alone in the dark with a mannequin brought to life.

    Pop Goes the Weasl [70G]
    Weasl can just stay right in that box.

    Midnight Hide and Seek [70G]
    You found all of them and won their creepy game of hide-n-seek.

    Faster Than a Dummy [70G]
    You outran that cheeky little dummy for an entire hour.

    Muscial Lights [70G]
    You went to the light!

    Good times with old friends. [70G]
    You didn't let them get you and survived 3am!

    Freezie Tags [70G]
    Finally! You froze every one of those little...

    Patience is Key [70G]
    Good job! You sat in one spot and did absolutely nothing.

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