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  1. Il team del primo Hellblade era composto da 20 persone, sul sequel stando alla loro dichiarazione attualmente ci lavorano in 40.
  2. Ma tralasciando la questione virus parli con uno che non ha mai creduto a Cyberpunk a settembre ora con la questione smart working poi a me sembra davvero più difficile che esca.
  3. Settembre mi sembra la finestra più realistica, lanciarlo in piena estate anche no
  4. Il fatto è che Cyberpunk non è così sicuro che esca a fine anno
  5. Infatti sono dubbioso per il prossimo anno anche perchè se gli stream avranno un responso positivo (lo avranno) le varie software house sigleranno accordi con IGN ecc.
  6. The ESA has announced the dates for its next E3 conference: June 15 to 17, 2021.The news was shared with partners this evening, with the ESA saying it would hold a "reimagined" event next year.E3 2020 was cancelled as of last month due to COVID-19, with the ESA saying at the time it was "exploring options with our members to coordinate an online experience to showcase industry announcements and news in June 2020."However, there is currently no update as to whether or not the ESA is still planning a digital event in 2020.
  7. Druckcoso durante un podcast tenuto poco fa: When the studio moved to working from home employees were told to take care of themselves and be with their family. Employees came first, release date 2nd with employees being allowed to take off a day or two if needed, even if the whole situation meant the May 29th date couldn't be made. When asked why they don't just release the digital version on May 29th: "there hasn't been a final decision yet". Mentions how some places might not have proper infrastructure in place for a digital only release, doesn't want those places left out. Right now looking at different options to get the game to everyone as soon as possible, but doing so will take time and it will obviously depend on how the coronavirus situation develops. When asked about a playable demo in the PlayStation Store he mentions how a public demo like that isn't comparable to the controlled environment which comes with a behind closed doors press demo or something at another event. Also mentions how making a demo fit for public release takes a lot of work, with the demo the press played months ago obviously being outdated, game has been improved greatly since. Development is at the 1-yard line, nothing left but final bugs and polishing.
  8. IGN announces "Summer of Gaming" digital event in early June, collaborating with Square Enix, SEGA, Bandai Namco, 2K, Devolver Digital, THQ Nordic & more with live broadcasts, publisher presentations, interviews, hand-on demos & more
  9. Io ho visto solo la comparativa e lo scrissi subito che fosse tutt'altra roba rispetto a Doom ecc.
  10. Ho preso Ape Out su Switch, domani lo inizio.
  11. Calcola che è davvero del 96 era di mia sorella.
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