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  1. SolidSnake91

    Devil May Cry

    It seems Netflix is ready to continue its gaming pursuits. A new report has announced producer Adi Shankar is overseeing a new project for the site, and it will be about Devil May Cry. So far, few story details about the project have been announced, but fans know it will be helmed by Shankar. The producer was introduced to Netflix a couple years back when his pitch for Castlevania was approved. To date, Netflix has released two seasons of the acclaimed anime, and its latest outing earned rave reviews from both critics and fans. As for this title, fans are ready to see how Shankar and his creative team will handle the challenge. Netflix’s buy into anime and animation has been heavy to date. Series like Devilman Crybaby and Voltron: Legendary Defender has bolstered the company’s reputation with fans. Now, this new endeavor will expand Netflix’s reach, and Shankar will get another chance to liven up Hollywood’s bleak history with game adaptations. This announcement may come as a surprise to some, but fans of Shankar will not be too shocked. After all, initial reports of this gaming deal went live back in October. At the time, it was reported that Shankar would be working on an anime for The Legend of Zelda, but it seems like Devil May Cry will be the franchise getting a series instead. Over on Instagram, Shankar got fans buzzing awhile back after he said he was “working with an iconic Japanese gaming company to adapt one of their iconic video game series into a series.” The producer was not able to say anything about the title specifically, but fans know the title in question now. Yesterday, Shankar continued his tease and let fans know that today's announcement was imminent. Taking to Twitter, the producer told followers to keep a close eye on his social channels as a massive reveal would be dropping in the afternoon. For those curious about this new anime, IGN did learn Devil May Cry will tie into Castlevania. There is no word on how the connection will work, but Shankar told the site the anime series will be part of “what we’re now calling the bootleg multiverse.” The producer also told IGN that he wanted the Devil May Cry rights so he could do the franchise justice. “ acquired these [Devil May Cry] rights myself so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f—k this one up too,” Shankar explained.
  2. SolidSnake91

    hype The Game Awards | 6 Dicembre 2018 |

    Best Story telling - God of WarBest competitive game - Fortnite Battle RoyaleBest cooperative game - Monster Hunter WorldBest visual design - God of WarBest indie game - Dead CellsBest audio - God of WarStill playing - World of TanksBest performer - Bryan Dechart (Conner from Detroit Become Human)Esports game of the year - OverwatchStudio of the Year - SIE Santa MonicaBest VR Games - Skyrim VRMobile Game of the Year - PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsPC Game of the Year - SubnauticaPlaystaion Game of the Year - God of WarXbox Game of the Year - Forza Horizon 4Nintendo Game of the Year - Octopath TravelerBreakthrough Award - Unknown Worlds (Subnautica)Most Wanted Game - Cyberpunk 2077Critic's Choice Award - Red Dead Redemption 2Lifetime Achievement - Hidetaka MiyazakiOutstanding Contributions - Xbox Adaptive controllerUltimate Game of the Year - Fortnite Battle Royale (runners up Red Dead Redemption 2 and Black Ops 4)
  3. SolidSnake91

    hype The Game Awards | 6 Dicembre 2018 |

    Cyberpunk most wanted
  4. SolidSnake91

    hype The Game Awards | 6 Dicembre 2018 |

    State of Decay e Sea of Thieves dovevano mettere
  5. SolidSnake91

    hype The Game Awards | 6 Dicembre 2018 |

    La lista del miglior titolo One è una presa per il ****
  6. SolidSnake91

    hype The Game Awards | 6 Dicembre 2018 |

    God of War vince anche miglior esclusiva God of War Detroit Spider-Man

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