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  2. INFORMAZIONI GENERALI Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Sviluppatore: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Genere: Avventura - Gioco di ruolo Lingue: Giapponese, Inglese Data di uscita: 12 maggio 2012 (JP) 2015 (EU) Disponibile su: Google Play Store ; App Store Video LISTA GIOCATORI Global Jap Calendario eventi Global Calendario eventi Jap FAQ Guida Monster Chopper Guida Mihawk Raid Boss Clash!! Vice-Admiral Garp 18th Aug - 1st Sep PSY rate up 25th - 31st Aug Nami/Robin/Perona Summer Event Isles 25th Aug - 8th Sep Gan Fall Isle + Log Franky da RR 27th Aug -3rd Sep Absalom Isle 28th - 29th Aug Enel boss 29th - 30th Aug Doffy boss 30th - 31st Aug Aokiji boss 31st Aug - 1st Sep East Blue Sugofest 1st Sep - 2th Sep MIHAWK/CROCODILE SUGOFEST 3th - 10th Sep Hina Isle
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