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    X4: Foundations

    La prossima volta che va in saldo lo recupero.
  2. Recensioni di Stadia News su Babylon's Fall in arrivo entro la fine dell'anno
  3. Fortnite developer Epic Games named Studio of the Year by Golden Joystick Awards 2019 gli altri candidati: 4A Games Capcom Digital Extremes Hello Games Media Molecule Mobius Digital Nintendo Remedy Entertainment Respawn
  4. Important Issues and Where They Stand Below are a handful of the top issues reported by players in the Halo: Reach flights and discussed by many across the Halo community. Each of these areas, and some additional issues, will be discussed again in more details in the November update blog later this month. Our goal is to continue our transparency over key topics that are important to the community around our titles and continue to share what the status is for each area. Please remember that while Reach is launching on December 3rd, the work is not done - from current flighting feedback to new issues reported after release - Reach will see more improvements and updates beyond launch (including the addition of Forge and Theater for PC later next year). Push to Talk Last week we talked slightly about this and that we were investigating a solution. Work on this feature is already underway. VSync During the flight based on user reports associated with what settings options were in effect we identified an issue with VSync in some scenarios where it was not functioning appropriately. In some cases, it was not appropriately being turned off and added additional input latency because of it. We believe to have fixed this issue and will discuss it more again in the future. Getting Stuck in Menus / Misc. Crashes We believe the known issues reported during the flight have been fixed for launch. The team has spent a significant amount of time investigating and resolving issues related to this over the past two weeks. Many were resolved in the most recent mid-flight update, but the ones we have investigated and able to reproduce have been fixed at this time. Input Delay Issues The team is currently investigating and iterating on multiple ways to address player feedback and improve mouse and keyboard input between now and launch. The live flight is behind our current code we are releasing with, so many of these improvements have already been implemented. The team has confidence in how these investigations are progressing and will keep a close eye on this. We’re committed to making this a great PC experience and will continue making additional mouse & keyboard changes - and flighting them post-launch - as needed. Controller Aim Assist on PC We are not currently planning to make changes to auto-aim when using a controller on PC. The team is currently investigating the best way to handle input types (keyboard & mouse, controller, or both) when playing. Looking back to the legacy Halo CE and Halo 2 PC titles, these of both shipped with a similar level of controller and mouse aim assist. If we make any changes to aim-assist values for controller, it will essentially close the door on implementing crossplay between Xbox and PC down the road. We have heard from the community about a suggested “opt-in” and are discussing the impacts this would have on matchmaking by splitting the population and increasing search times. If we do choose to pursue an “opt-in” feature post-launch, we’ll be sure to flight them and ensure it is implemented correctly. Concerns about Frame Rate Locked to 60fps In the current flight, we were able to further test our experimental implementation and the feature does not meet our quality expectations. From our learnings we’re currently investigating and working on fundamental improvements. When we have a solution that meets our quality bar we will first flight it with the community before releasing it more broadly. Audio Issues To update Halo: Reach required changing the encoding for audio entirely which has made it sound different from its original release. We are aware that areas of the title don’t sound like we ideally want them to. It will take some time to investigate ways to improve the overall experience for audio and when it is ready we will flight to test fixes we can make prior to updating the title. Server Latency Issues This was a topic that we received many tickets on over the duration of the flight. To help address this we are planning to upgrade the servers used for our launch. We also are continuing to investigate and make improvements based on reports surrounding server latency, delays, and various network related issues before launch. We intend to have several improvements made before December 3, but since we feel this is an area that can always be improved on, we’ll continue listening and chasing down reports as time goes on.
  5. Maica

    Anthem | Nuova IP Bioware | 22 febbraio 2019

    Sources: BioWare Plans A Complete Overhaul For Anthem
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  7. Si, però la versione Windows Store è buggatissima, io l'ho dovuto droppare e aspettare che esca su Steam.

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