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ufficiale Etrian Odyssey Nexus | Etrian Odyssey X | Febbraio

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Adventurers all over the world.

Gather in the flying city of “Maginia,” and aim for the treasure on the remote island in the distant sea.

Under the decree of Princess Persephone, adventurers gathered in the flying city of “Maginia.”

Wealth, honor, and possibly unknown adventure lies dormant in “Lemuria.” Keep your pride in your heart, and move forward—.


A Crossover of Classes

Create your party from 19 classes, including every class from previous Etrian Odyssey games and the brand-new “Hero” class.


The full list of classes is as follows:




Hero (New)








Prince / Princess






War Magus




Unprecedented Volume

Many untrodden labyrinths lie dormant in the new setting of “Lemuria, the Remote Island of the Distant Sea.”

The volume of the game is the greatest in the series thus far. Draw maps to your heart’s content! Can you solve the mystery of an ancient civilization?


Refined Systems

A crossover of the series’ systems make for the highest quality game.

Systems include character creation, sub-classes, Force Burst / Force Break, and difficulty levels.

Systems unique to the series such as drawing maps with the stylus are also present.


First-Print Purchase Bonus

First-print purchases for Etrian Odyssey X will include the “New Adventurers Illustration Pack” downloadable content, which contains five class illustrations from guest illustrators.

The full list is as follows:


Shigatake – Illustration Theme: Farmer

Yuki Takahata (FLIPFLOPs) – Illustration THeme: Gunner

Shirow Miwa – Illustration Theme: Nightseeker

Mota – Illustration Theme: Medic

Shigenori Soejima – Illustration Theme: Project Re Fantasy (Special Collaboration)



Director: Shigeo Komori (Etrian Odyssey series, Etrian Odyssey Untold series, etc.)

Character Design: Yuji Himukai (Etrian Odyssey series, Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle, etc.)

Composer: Yuzo Koshiro (Ys, ActRaiser, Etrian Odyssey series, etc.)

Monster Design: Shin Nagasawa (Etrian Odyssey, etc.)

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Famitsu recently published an interview with Sasazu Hiroshi of Atlus, who is the art director of Etrian Odyssey X. Hiroshi talked about a number of details on the upcoming title, and we've got the rundown of info below.

- Hiroshi handles some 2D-related things like art direction for dungeons, maps, town facilities and backgrounds

- he also works alongside character designer Himukai Yuuji, and oversees 3D parts like monsters, animations, and dungeons

- Hiroshi handles deciding what new elements should look like puts out the requests for new designs

- background art is handled by Bamboo, who worked on Etrian Odyssey V and Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2

- Hiroshi says that he particularly likes the town backgrounds, due to the airship elements and the world-tree

- various town facilities’ backgrounds such as the tavern and inn have many details in them

- monster designer Shin “Jason” Nagasawa provided detailed designs for the modelling process

- the team is focusing on replicating the art as faithfully as they can, and are trying to make it so that monsters can stand out

- the team is trying to include properties of the animals that the monsters are based on

- Hiroshi is referring to illustrated animal encyclopedias while modelling them

- Nagasawa has the final say on these designs

- the monsters of III were designs that made full use of 2D, and their return for X will retain what makes their designs interesting

- additional designs for these classic monsters were requested, with Nagasawa adding refreshing new elements

- Himukai had a difficult time with the Hero due to its importance as the face of X

- clothes and armor on the young adult versions of the Hero were redone multiple times

- deciding on the finer details of the child version’s designs required all the designers to work together

- the young adult versions are already heroes, while the child versions are trying to become heroes

- the clunky belt, and the bright green on the alternate color of the male child hero are supposed to look like a child playing

- the female child hero’s clothes are supposed to look like a school uniform

- the team decided on the new color schemes by thinking of themes

- the new Gunner colors are chosen to look more militaristic

- the new Bushido (Ronin) colors are chosen to look like Japanese yokai

- all of the new color schemes are more modern and “catchy”

- most of the characters in the game are adventurers gathered by the princess

- most of them have appearances that associate them with a particular job class

- Himukai paid special attention to returning characters, designing them to look a bit older

- because it had been previously stated that Silica was actually a princess, they initially gave her a new, more opulent outfit

- the team eventually redid this outfit completely and gave her a costume similar to her old one

- the team also did more work on the art of metallic surfaces, and the armor of the soldiers in X are the shiniest in the series

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Atlus ha confermato la localizzazione, il titolo si chiamerà Etrian Odyssey Nexsus. Arrivo previsto a Febbraio.




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