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A livello d'ottimizzazione è pauroso btw. Maxato sulla mia 5870 tiene i 60 in scioltezza. =|

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Sneak Peak sul numero dei sistemi presenti nella build in uscita il 29!



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Frontier: Elite: Dangerous sarà tecnicamente valido per molti anni


David Braben di Frontier ha in una recente intervista parlato dello sviluppo di Elite: Dangerous:


"Stiamo inserendo degli effetti grafici davvero meravigliosi, anche se siamo consapevoli che potrebbero portare a qualche calo di frame rate. Non tutti avranno un PC in grado di far rendere questo titolo al massimo, ma daremo la possibilità a tutti di personalizzare al meglio la propria configurazione con una grande scalabilità: diciamo che confidiamo nella legge di Moore, secondo cui la potenza dei computer aumenta in modo significativo ogni due anni, e nel fatto che le schede video siano vendute a prezzi più accessibili a tutti. Elite: Dangerous rimarrà un titolo tecnicamente ottimo per molti anni: se il vostro PC di oggi non sarà in grado di farlo rendere al massimo, quello di domani sicuramente ci riuscirà.

Il futuro ormai è alle porte e i produttori di schede video si adegueranno: il 4K si sta diffondendo sempre di più e l'8K non è così lontano come sembra."


Data di uscita: Q1 2014


Fonte: Spaziogames

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LiveChat con David Braben, fondatore di Frontier. Credo di non essermi perso nulla. :hmm:




Hi David,


Another 1984 survivor, the original game, nothing to do with George Orwell...


So, the ability to hack the game could threaten to significantly impact peoples' enjoyment of the game and the credibility of the game itself. How difficult do you think it is to combat, and how is this to be done in ED?




This is always a problem. Server moderation is our first line of defence, but sadly some hacking will inevitably go on. Some hacks are easy to detect, some much harder. Deciding what to do is also tricky too - either forcing single player, or ultimately banning depending on what it is seem like sensible options.




Hi David.


A couple of questions;


1. Did Michael pass on the thank-you card from Lave Con?

2. I showed my 7 year old lad the galaxy map, which he thought was 'Awesome'. Just judging by both of my kids reaction, it could be an astounding educational tool. Have you had feedback on the Galaxy Map from fellow astronomers or people like Dara O Briain, or Brian Cox?



Colin (Cmdr PhoenixDfire)




Yes, he did.


On the galaxy map, I would love for their to be uses in education - I think there inevitably will once it is a bit more accessible.




Hi David, I'm loving every minute of ED so far. Still quite new to premium.


I had a few wow moments last night when i accidentally got pulled out of supercruise going through a planetary ring last night and it just blew my mind in the DK1.


I am wondering if there are any Super sampling or any TXAA in store as development moves closer to release.


Thank you for over delivering, haven't been this excited for a game in years!




The render guys here are working on improving effects continuously, both in terms of performance and the look/quality. There is a lot more to come!




Hi David, and many thanks for chatting to us. Congrats on the OBE, btw. With what I've seen with ED so far, I'll stand you pint next time you're in North Yorkshire . Jolly well done to you and your minions .


My question: how close are FD in presenting your vision of ED, and has mp (and comments within the forums) exceeded your expectations of how ED will evolve




Not sure the hardworking people here would like to be called 'minions'! ;-)

They are the people that deserve the praise.


Answering the question more directly, yes, it is coming close in terms of space, and space combat to me feels good. There are still more elements I am looking forwards to too, for post release. Particularly the human interactions - inside ships, planet surfaces etc.




Hi David, as a child of the 60s and player since '84 I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks! Your team(s) are a credit to you and so too are the community leaders in the forums.


My question : Do you have any plans to integrate voice / external app controls as a part of the standard product?




You're very welcome.


Two-way voice comms is coming in Beta 1 (29th July) if you have a microphone and speakers on your PC.


In terms of controls, Voice Attack is quite fun - and voice control is something we included in past games, so we will look at it.




You've talked before about how "great hero" type stories don't work in a MMO environment, but will there be galaxy-wide events that are triggered/altered by single players discovering the right artefact/completing particularly important missions/barging into the Thargoid homeworld and blowing up everything they see?




Yes, there will. We have already discussed gold rushes - those will be triggered by specific players. Other events too.


Certain notorious players may get named on the news feeds if they have particularly high bounties too!

Reply With Quote





How will finding friends work with the multiple server connections we have at present? Will we have to just reconnect and track what server we are on or what?




It should be automatic. If your friends are on your friends list, then you should meet them. This is one of the features coming for Beta 1 on 29th July.




Hello David.


I have been wondering about the capabilities of procedural generation in the Cobra engine.


Now the creation of a 1:1 galaxy is a huge achievement, but a galaxy is a macroscopic entity that can be approximated by use of relatively simple rules. I'm not saying it's easy, just saying that it's not necessarily complex.

( Feel free to tell me i'm wrong )


The question is, how will procedural generation manage to create a 1:1 Earth, populated by billions of people and animals, with huge urban cities in many different styles, and all this meanwhile being believable, immersive and high quality?

There seem to be an enormous amounts of variables that come into play here that need to be tweaked.


In many ways, i would find such a 1:1 seamless recreation of Earth where we can walk around an even bigger achievement than a 1:1 galaxy.




True. That's one of the reasons we want to phase the deliveries of such things. Having said that we also have quite a few things working in our favour. In the fiction we already have the Earth of 3300 having changed quite significantly - just imagine travelling back to the year 700 - ie the 'Dark Ages' - that is the same distance away in time...


The coastlines will be similar, but significantly changed due to rising sea levels. Many coastal cities will have long gone and some new cities with similar names (in Frontier "New San Francisco" was a few hundred miles inland of where San Francisco is today) popped up on the higher land nearby.


So we will not recreate today's cities or today's Earth, but something that might be possible in 1300 years time.




Thank You for making the most important game I have ever played.


With all nostalgia involved, I am not sure anything can top original Elite for me, but if ED even comes close in re-creating the feeling of wonder, I'll be ecstatic.


Thanks again and do Your best, please.




We are trying... ;-)




Will there be a "Solar Radiation" mechanic? e.g. Losing your shields close to a high radiation star could kill the human occupant. The canopy doesn't look like it would offer much protection!




Your shields should stop such radiation - but it may well drain them...




do you think that the game will require in game player admins to be a source of help and support. or would you prefer to avoid this scenario.




We may well do this as a way to police griefing.




Hi David,


I backed to the Imperial Bounty Hunter level starting with the Imperial Eagle Mk2.

Just wondering what ship I'll be likely starting with since it seems the Eagle is now a Federation ship?

Congratulations on the Amazing work so far.




The Eagle was a ship that was made by both the Federation and Empire in Frontier: Elite 2 and it is the same with the Mk 2. We haven't shown the Imperial variant yet.




Will people who have named stations, planets and systems have a way of finding them? In particular will stations and planets be searchable in the galaxy map?




That's a good point. System names are currently searchable, but this doesn't cover stations or planets. We'll work out a way.




Is Rift DK2 fully supported in Beta?




It is fully supported (ie we support head movement etc), but there are things that do not work well with it yet, like the galactic map.




...and will there be star systems where the stars radiation perhaps interferes with the ship radar and communication systems?




Yes - I think I mentioned this during the Kickstarter - including the results of weather in the atmosphere of gas giants.




David, could you remove the losing of credits when you buy a commodity in error then return it back straight away.




This is something we have been looking at recently. The trouble is 'straight away' is not well defined. It causes problems if another player buys the good in the meantime. Having said that we have closed the separation between 'buy' and 'sell' prices to make this less painful.




Will unidentified signal sources be permanent locations as they are in the current version, or will they be randomly generated in some way?




They will come and go, and each will have a mini-story or mission behind them. What we have now is static to test the system.




Hi David I know ur busy & stuff

& members on here that u know will more likely get a reply..

That's understandable..


My questions was


1). Panther Clipper when will we see this work horse?.

2). Forcefeedback will it be supported?.

3). The ships Huds layout will we see other layouts of huds

Rather than the one from the sidewinder?.

4). Hyper jumping will we see the approach to a system like in the battle video?

Instead of just going through hyperspace.. Then just appearing in a system without seeing it in the distance.. Then it getting closer.. Etc.. Would be better if this was put in later..

5). Super cruise will it be made so we just don't see main bodies.. In S/C..

That we an see asteroids & stations when slowing down..

So they just don't appear.. In front of us.. It's not that nice.. I know it's a beta..

So these things are not final yet.. But would be good if you can answer thx




1. Yes - not sure of the date, but during beta.

2. I'm sure we will - I don't have a 'when' just now.

3. We wanted to standardise the HUD layout for ease of switching between ships, but this is something we will look at for the much larger ships.

4. Hyperjumping - there are changes being made to this, but it will be different to that. The effect in the video at the time was a prototype.

5. Yes - this is being improved continuously. More to come... ;-)


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Newsletter #32


- Nuovo sito online --->

- WIP geometry for a new ship type - coming soon!






- What's the Story?


You may have noticed our GalNet News Transmissions containing trading information are now a weekly feature of the newsletter – this is starting to show the great benefits of the online component of Elite: Dangerous, where currently individual actions in the form of trades can affect the galaxy wide environment for all players.


Even the very simple change made to Progenitor Cells last week – they were the most popular trade item at one point, then a contamination scandal arose causing the government to ban them but trade continued as a black market item – shows the promise of how online systems can drive a rich, dynamic environment beyond market supply and demand.


Starting in Beta 1, we will add similar online systems for our missions, which allows you to begin to blaze your own trail in the galaxy yet also have an influence on the overall galaxy-wide environment for all players.


- To Launch, And Beyond


Elite: Dangerous is on track to launch in late 2014 (Q4).


But that won’t stop development. We plan to continue to significantly enhance the game via further expansions after the launch date, using the same incremental development philosophy that we’ve used so far.


Major new features will include planetary landings and even walking around inside ships, stations, and planet surfaces with time.


For those who have a Lifetime Expansion Pass (included in Premium Beta and Alpha, and also still available here until 29th July) all such significant expansion will be included. Those without the Lifetime Expansion Pass will be charged for each expansion as they are released.


We have made no secret that our ultimate ambition is to be able to land on the surface of planets, as you were able to in the other Elite sequels Frontier and Frontier: First Encounters.


We want this feature to push the boundaries as we believe we are doing in other areas of Elite: Dangerous already, like space flight, combat, trading, sound, online, visual fidelity etc.


---> An Orbis station in Frontier




---> An Orbis station in Elite: Dangerous.




---> Planetary landing in Frontier




---> Concept piece for planetary landing in Elite: Dangerous




- All is ready for you to walk around your ship. *****



Of course walking round your ship will be nice, but it is the just springboard for a very significant expansion of gameplay – you will be able to experience the inside of starports and interact with other players and AI characters, and even board other people’s ships in space and take them by force, as shown in this concept piece.


Of course this will be further expanded to include walking around on the surfaces of planets too.

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- - - Aggiornato - - -


You can save your F5 keys, it's likely to be quite late in the day and we'll let you know once things start rolling.


Michael bastard... :sad:

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Hi everyone,


just a heads up that we'll be shutting the servers down as 2pm BST today as part of the Beta 1 roll out process. Note that we have a lot more to do than the usual rollouts so this may take several hours. We'll of course announce when the build is available.




Tic tac tic tac tic tac

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Maica disinstalla il launcher che hai, vai nello store - account - my downloadable product e scarica il nuovo launcher. Ci siamo quasi forse!




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Oddio :sard:




:rickds: :gab:


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I said at least several hours, we're not expecting release until later this evening.



Modificato da The_Train

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Maica disinstalla il launcher che hai, vai nello store - account - my downloadable product e scarica il nuovo launcher. Ci siamo quasi forse!


Fatto, grazie!

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In Download! Omg che attesa :hype:


- - - Aggiornato - - -


Patch notes (#1)



New Content/Features


- Added Viper

- Added Imperial Fighter (AI only)

- Added Lakon Type 6

- Added text chat

- Added voice comms

- Added missions

- Added fuel consumption

- Expanded playable bubble to 21 ly radius (@50 systems)

- Add support for friends management

- Allow matchmaking through jump to specific island

- Supercruise supports multiplayer

- Add RandomEvents to the current interdiction functionality. Random locations will now be spawned in front of the player while in supercruise

- For new bounties & fines, adding a "Local Security Office" to the contacts menu

- Added server moderated bounties vouchers

- Docking computer added

- Added trade route visualisation to galaxy map

- Add system connections based on fuel to galaxy map

- Added new paintjobs

- Gas giant features dervived from stellar forge data

- Chaff launcher stops scans and confuses tracking weapons but doesn't effect missiles

- Added new station variants

- Updated trade commodities

- Smuggler AI behaviours added

- Art updates for Orbis station

- Latest audio updates and balance pass

- Hauler art tweaks/updates

- Added new pilot animations

- Large Plasma Accelerator added

- Eagle art updates

- Added 'rich' station interior variant

- Added support for much larger accessible bubbles

- Fix up the last of the unsafe GOH use in ShipComponents

- Updated Sidewinder ship art

- Added beacons and associated traffic



Crash Fixes


- Fix NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 crash

- Switch around the order of operations when launch permission times out - no longer crash when this happens

- Fix infinite load when entering a location with a space station (Hangar Greebles)

- Survive LockRect failing to lock

- Fix for hangs in physics during broad phase update where new proxies were being added at > INT_MAX distance from the origin

- Drop Levels robustness: survive failure to allocate a page for the reduced size texture by bailing early

- Fix crash in throttle control

- Survive failed texture load

- Prevent crash when creating hyperspace cloud

- Additional guard against out of memory errors

- Prevent OOM crash when LoctRect fails

- Don't try to format a potentially epic string as it can overflow the string formatting buffer

- Fix crash on changing damage locations in an anaconda

- Don't assert that accumulators don't match if copying from an uninitialised ObfuscatedValue to an initialised one.

- Guard against zero time-step in heat management

- Normalise heat damage vector to prevent div by 0

- Audio: fixed a crash when calculating audio emitter velocity and no physicsworld interface available

- Fix graphics crash when a surface is being closed without first being removed

- For a number of renderers claiming to support multithreaded prerender/render

- Fix for crash on cancelling supercruise

- Bail out of startup if there are no display adapters presents and display a corresponding message

- Fixes for shutting down the game very early

- Fix for a shutdown assert in TargetView. Moved the clear instances step to the end of the frame instead of the beginning

- Avoid crashing if we ran out of GPU memory

- Fix possible crash on shutdown due to cancelling a letter after the letter processor has been destroyed

- Fix crash while in Federal Distress Signal

- Fix crash in AI formation duty

- Avoid crashing if we run out of GPU memory while trying to populate the geometry buffers for planets

- Fix for potential crash caused by space location component getting replications before it has finished starting up

- Prevent crash associated with disappearing station

- If we somehow end up with a bad item name for cargo to eject from wreckage, report the problem and bail out

- Zero-length vector proofing

- Fixed crash when a ship with trail decals gets destroyed

- Audio: on shut-down actually attempt to stop/shut-down the objects before cleaning them up and waiting

- Game no longer asserts or fails to shutdown after a pipeline dump is performed



Patch Notes (#2)



General Fixes/Tweaks


- Shadow quality settings added

- Update network config defaults to preferred values

- Fix galaxy map billboard orientation on oculus

- Fixed un-normalised transform being passed into a universal address when the ship explodes and ejects cargo

- Prevent losing the object with a momentary disagreement about its existence on authority change

- Federal fighters shouldn't be set as "Wanted" around Chango Dock

- Oculus Rift: Don't reset the orientation via sensor reset when wearing a DK1

- Improved the performance of the noise generators

- Lighting improved on rings

- Patrolling bounty hunters will dock/undock with space station if present, otherwise will patrol

- Improvements to AI mining

- Miners can dock at stations and sell cargo

- Oculus Rift: Fix for the galaxy map viewer not rendering correctly when using the Oculus Rift and accessing it via the in-game menu

- Type 9 explosion optimisations and improvements

- When a landing request is granted request that the pad get into dockable configuration, fix the landing pad occasionally being backwards

- AI breaks away if shields are down

- Add in distortion to star hotspot quads to match that of the surface

- Don't start hyperspace process when inside a station, as we'll just crash into a wall

- Mouse control gui shows ship rotation rather than mouse position when using inverted pitch

- Lens flare optimisations

- The inertial camera should gently reduce its angular and linear offsets to zero over two seconds when docked

- Fix hardpoints not deploying in outfitting

- Reduce ships being able to fly through parts of the stations

- Large gimbal pulse laser now gimbals

- Brightened the "align with target" message

- Don't update the location info when transitioning to/from super cruise, only when in hyperspace

- Buy selection decrements correctly

- Update lens flare quality scaling to skip smaller/more transparent flare elements when in low quality

- HeatSinkLauncher and ChaffLauncher were both incorrectly implementing some ammo functions, causing them to double-count their first (and only) hopper of ammo

- Remove some superfluous mouse cursor activities

- Fix bahaviour for friendly fire in factional battles

- Jettisoning cargo near a station (within the NoFireZone for now) is a crime

- Adding animations for deploy and stow of weapons

- Make spot light rotation work as expected with the bone transform for a given light

- Added missing transform to render debris in the right place relative to the underlying physics skeleton

- Oculus Rift: Proper fix for star background

- Soundbank to fix some bad virtualisation on missiles

- Removed erroneous missile rack audio events on other ship low ammo

- Player's credits are being displayed incorrectly. Upgraded the number formatters to use doubles, so they can handle the largest currency values

- Always disconnect a machine if it has failed to respond after we have retried AckRetryLimit times

- If you hyperspace to a location with flight assist on, when in supercruise, the throttle still acts as if flight assist is on fixed

- Stop being able to cause all station UI to disappear

- Distance reading in the contacts panel updates every second

- Fix too many authority response ships spawning

- Prevent silent running in Supercruise

- Don't add belts and COMs to the location list

- Prevent locked destinations getting priority over the docking locations when deciding what to show on the compass

- HeadlookDefault option, and mouse headlook obeys the ResetHeadlook control

- Fix for broken Hauler hyperdrive charge audio

- Fix for distant asteroids not receiving shadows from the planet

- Fix some sliders not starting at the correct values in the bindings menu

- Planets: Normal maps computed from real height values

- Physics thread safety optimisations

- Loading spinner added

- Don't try to use GetInterfaceAlways on a proxy that's probably already dead

- Force close scoop and landing gear while jumping

- Improved AI escort behaviour

- If using a throttle axis, don't reset the throttle coming out of FAOff

- Changed the way the lighting to clip transform is calculated

- Increased the alpha ref of the thruster flames to fix the edge of texture showing

- Adjusted the basic vision range on AI up to 3km, and upped the angle to 75 degrees

- Oculus Rift: Fix for "Unable to alter resolution with OR plugged in even when not in use"

- Pass the new stereoscopic mode to StellarRenderManager when deciding whether to lock the resolution or not, and only lock it if OR is present

- Options screen - Switched 'round the apply and cancel buttons to bring them in line with other dialogs. Also, made use of the scroll input

- Added in a variant of the broadside gun for use on stations rather than use the Capital version as we do now. This version is set as a beam weapon

- Visual improvements to laser shield impacts

- Updates to anaconda drive effects

- Updates to anaconda drives

- AI. tactics to avoid getting too close to capship

- Another look at the disappearing station menu issue

- New resurrect GUI

- Change how we determine throttle coming out of FAOff

- Prevent selecting anything while a transaction is being authenticated

- Add a transition from 'TransitionToHanger' to 'MarketSelectScreen'

- Don't reset throttle when entering FAOff using an axis

- Updated all station patrols to use the "Police Patrol Station" behaviour

- Station should appear at top of list. Contacts are now sorted by size

- Cargo containers now use Standard, Liquid or Toxic models depending upon what base commodity they contain

- Ships know which DetailedScans have been done on them

- New and improved rail gun ammunition and muzzle flash

- Now revert the pilot gender option on cancel

- If we have tried, but failed, to connect to a machine that has been suggested for a session, give up as soon as the machine is disconnected

- Fixed a problem with incorrectly rotated models for the clouds in supercruise mode

- Turn off authority response if in anarchy or no jurisdiction areas

- Gave the rail gun impacts some more punch (FX)

- Updated some system descriptions

- When caching the ship, don't record heat unless we want to

- Improve pilot idles

- Added safety to Ring AddToRenderer for drawing near cells

- Added support to adjust the size of the intermediate render targets based on the desired output resolution,instead of it matching the recommended texture size provided by the Oculus SDK

- Improved hitcheck for Anaconda

- AimWeaponAtTarget changes - Mostly to improve gimbals, fixing a bug in how acceleration is calculated and correctly defaulting to infinite

- Re-balanced pulse laser attributes. Will need another pass when hardness values for ships comes on board

- Ensure hyperdrive effects state gets reset after arrival clouds are created for NPC ships

- Fix shield hit markers not networking properly: Now only shows "all hits on me" and "my hits on target" but not "other's hits on my target"

- Get authority ships to scan cargo, determine if it's illegal and destroy it if it is

- Extra-fast shield charging stops when a shield reforms, not when it takes a hit

- Re-balanced burst laser attributes. Will need another pass when hardness values for ships comes on board

- Re-balanced beam laser attributes. Will need another pass when hardness values for ships comes on board

- Smooth the framerate shown in the status line (CTRL+F) over 60 frames, to make it easier to read

- Stopped the ring cells updating every frame

- Correct contact binary data in i Bootis

- Fix for reentry into ring not respawning rocks

- Error in description of Vesper-M4 fixed

- Fix a couple of routes for a NULL machine to be sent to under obscure circumstance

- When this machine & the space station end up in different sessions, ask whether the space station should be deleted or not - the answer is usually 'grab the authority'

- Another pass on ai combat collision avoidance

- Only desaturate colours when positional tracking is lost if the 3D mode is set to Oculus Rift, and revert back to the regular colour settings when 3D mode changes to something else

- Fix shield recharging 16s after being hit instead of 2s. Also fix shield taking more power/heat than needed on the frame when it reaches its capacity

- Re-balanced railgun attributes. Will need another pass when hardness values for ships comes on board

- Oculus Rift: Allow users to select the desired resolution when rendering to the OR display

- Re-balanced missile attributes. Will need another pass when hardness values for ships comes on board

- When considering whether to claim authority on an object we're about to lose due to session hopping, check whether our sessions with our points of focus will contain this machine

- Re-balanced cannon attributes. Will need another pass when hardness values for ships comes on board

- Shield effect updated

- Re-balanced plasma accelerator attributes. Will need another pass when hardness values for ships comes on board

- Improve appearance of AI vs AI fights

- Message log for gaining a bounty for violating a no fire zone

- Removed unneeded initialisation wait in the ring

- When calculating quality of service: for this machine ignore sessions without this machine in them; for any session return 100 if the session is empty

- Stop multiple authority ships from trying to scan the same ship/cargo at the same time; if their behaviour is to only scan ships once, consider this at a hive level

- Fix: Shields not breaking when the generator is unpowered

- Wake sessions introduced

- Lens flare optimisations

- Shots fired at debris will now move the debris and fire off a particle effect, however the shot will penetrate the debris and hit anything behind it

- Missiles will act like other weapons now and should bash debris out of the way, but not kill the missile

- Server Side - fix savegame delete deadlock bug

- EjectHeatSink control only triggers one launcher (will choose the one with the most ammo)

- Fix way quality of service is combined from multiple sessions - now having multiple nearly-identical sessions doesn't reduce the overall QoS

- Scanner zoom level is preserved across save/load and location transitions

- Ensure we don't think about authority migration when not in a 'variables initialised' state

- Missing Sol system description fixed

- Prevent local star billboards going sub-pixel

- Display a sensible heat value during hyperspace

- Cannot commit crimes against myself

- Once a ship has started scanning its target, if the scan position/rotation requirements stop being met, allow a grace period of 5s before ending the scan alert

- Module inventory and pricing now sever moderated

- Prevent GUI appearing in the environment map

- Scale Eagle GUI to fit better

- Sidewinder optimisations

- The lowercase L in lightyear looks very similar to 1 in the distance indicator - LY is now uppercase.

- [GERMAN] Text cut short on galaxy map, text now is shorter (doesn't include ANZEIGEN) and fits.

- When calculating quality of service and reporting unsent letters, use only letters which are due to send, not all letters - many of which aren't at urgency > 1 yet

- Fix font to correct Styx 4 planet target marker appearing to cast a shadow on the planet

- Replicate the health of individual damage regions properly

- Added performance option slider to change the max limit on debris

- Added further culling tests to always cull debris a very long distance from the camera

- HyperspaceClouds are now targetable, and scannable with the CloudScanner

- Added LANDING GEAR DEPLOYED, LANDING GEAR RETRACTED messages to the info panel

- Shipyard interaction should be a basemenu not a base station menu

- AMD crash fix option removed

- Faded rotating ship when in the death menu

- Unidentified signal source text now fits in navigation menu

- [GERMAN] RAUMVERLAGERUNGSANTRIEB now fits on modules screen

- Block several ship controls that were still active while in bindings menu

- Add cooldown timer for authority ships scanning targets

- Fix a bug where shields would never *quite* actually fail, they'd just drop to zero health and forward all damage to the armour, but using the shield's damage reduction parameters

- Fix a bug where the AFM would be totally destroyed rather than just reduced to zero health

- Hardness implemented (by default everything has hardness 0 and penetration FLT_MAX so will not cause any effect unless we want it to)

- Shields can generate EM emissions when active (generalised for easier use on all modules)

- Heat radiators lie about their emissions if the ship is running really cold, to prevent faux-silent-running abuses

- Remove heat radiators from the internal module panel

- Drive speed when turned off reduced to zero rather than 10% (causes some audio issues,WIP)

- Initial implementation of Outfitting simulation for ships and ship module availability based upon market data

- Darkened down the galaxy clouds. Now looks more similar to what was there before the gamma switch

- Actually fixed the optimal speed throttle indicator

- Central reticules are now horizontally aligned with the ship so the Cobra doesn't look off

- Added first pass hardness values

- Fixed the cobra engine effects clipping through the cockpit & reduced refraction on the type9 retro drives

- Regardless of what weapon you buy you only see the same weapon deployed in outfitters fixed

- Inconsistent menu highlight wrap in outfitting fixed

- Allow pirates to sometimes choose to dock at anarchy stations (only)

- Fix a bug where combining thrust axes in FAOff can lead to exceeding max speed

- When both engines and flight assist are off, don't hard set the ship's angular velocity to zero

- Ships in supercruise now have a particle trail which can be seen when up close

- [GERMAN] Contacts menu has a few words cut off fixed

- When just sending a SEQ letter to keep a connection alive, increment the sync sequence, as we're now looking at repeated SEQs as indication of a poor connection

- Restructured component factory for network components

- Audio: ensure we clear callbacks when un-registering events in AudioEmitter

- Black market existence now server moderated

- Audio: improve the handling of callback cancellation to allow for interactions with audio object from the render thread

- Remove the un-paid-for modules when rebuying old ship in the resurrection dialog; restore default armour if necessary

- Centralise where we get the approach distance of planets & stars, tweak those numbers so that we get a better impression of how large/small a star is

- AI - force a fight on some scencarios by setting attack duty



Patch Notes (#3)



- Apply fines to illegal dumps

- AI shouldn't try and scan space stations!

- The Hyperspace ship should have its cockpit blown out if the current ship has its cockpit blown out

- Added back button in outfitting to focus chain

- Don't show cruise panel when targeting anything other than a station or POI (i.e. point objects that you can actually reach.)

- Major Module rebalance - largely effecting heat, power and damage capacity

- Fix particle sorting on Fed capital ship fire

- Show correct sell price in outfitting screen

- Fix Escape Vector appearing in odd situations

- Block redundant module swaps in the UI

- Fix groups of ships in interdictions not always scanning player

- Trade Cargo fix with trade limits (by cargo capacity, cash amount and such)

- Noise Generator: Fixed a problem with the scale point module

- Fix a bug with invulnerable anacondas & type 9s caused bay having insane soaks set, added asserts, clamps & resource limits to catch this if it happens again

- Stop shields draining the SYS capacitor at maximum rate while in cruise

- Audio: ensure that the ship voice object is set to Force_Stop

- Fix for the range slider being missing from the radar

- Added cross fading between shadow cascades. Enabled bounding box cascade collection

- Pass on cannon muzzle flash and tracer texture

- Audio: point the audio hard-point activity at the emitter it should use now, not the bone it was using before

- Stop Outfitting Selling Menu Sticking Open

- Player was prompted to sell their bulkheads when equipping a class 2 hardpoint fixed

- Added a warning that prompts players before completing the free sidewinder transaction upon death

- Added the message at bottom of the window when user doesn't have enough cash to buyout a loadout he requested. Confirm button is inaccessible then also

- [AUDIO] Split up the audio events on the rings a little

- Added Galactic Centre and Old Worlds to localisation system

- In the graphics options menu, if the selected display monitor is the Oculus Rift, and the 3D mode is set to OR, then red out refresh rate, fullscreen mode and v-sync options so that it's made clear which options we're locking. Note that the resolution is not red out nor locked

- Don't attack a target if it is inside a space station; this is to stop NPCs following target inside stations - the station will deal with them

- Nicer scaling params for large thrusters. makes large ships feel larger. Also lens flare now properly obeys particle effect

- Increased frustum plane count to cover maximum that can be produced

- Updated Atmosphere shader and astro values to match

- Fixed missing bindings

- Merged the "Supercruise" and "Hyperspace" buttons. Triggering the FSD while selecting a HyperspaceCloud will cause the Hyperdrive to follow the wake

- Tactics tweak to stop drifting in idle close to target ship

- Various text fixes

- Updated the fragment pipeline builder to handle blend links between MRT nodes

- Noise generators: Fixed problems with swirl bands and swirl bands mask inputs

- AI ship scoring: For non-authority ships, don't start an attack with a hostile who is much stronger or much weaker than we are; if attacked, jump away immediately if attacker is much stronger than we are, or if they're stronger and we're not very aggressive. For all ships, if they're much weaker than us, don't consider jumping away due to hull/shield level, likewise if they're weaker and we're aggressive

- Fix authority response not attacking player when in no-fire-zone by making GenericAuthority friendly with suitable factions, and lowering the check on ship vs no-fire-zone from allied to friendly

- Make shadow cascade cross fading optional based on shadow settings.

- Added an explicit check to ensure PolyTrails only recalculate their vertices once per frame

- Fix to fTime occasionally making time go backwards very slowly (not handling windows clock being adjusted appropriately).

- Added some preloading frames and changed audio output streams to send digital silence to wwise when no data available from mic (prevents voice starvation)

- Moved shadow filter quality settings from the directional light to the deferred shading settings since it's only used there

- Skip cross fade passes where possible

- Minor optimisation to stream system

- Reduce the number of nested cascades rendered based on the current depth partition bounds

- Stars and planets now write depth - a new fxl (DetllarBodiesDepth.fxl) has been included for this. This fixes the worst of the pop effect in the I Bootis binary pair

- Stars and planets now transition to and from the stellar background

- Reduced the number of strings being created and discarded every frame

- Removed some temporary array allocations happening every frame

- Pack the lens flare base mesh in to on stream and compress the stream

- Set station attach modules to use the physics MoveTo function rather than update via kinematic callback. This should figure out the station modules velocity for better collision response and it's useful for obstacle avoidance

- Noise Generators: Fixed the HLSL code generation for some modules that ignored the global seed

- Repositioned VFX damage bones in the eagle cockpit

- Stencil out shadow back faces to reduce cost of shadow filter passes

- Don't let AudioOutputStream queue up buffers until Wwise has started requesting them

- If AudioOutputStream ever runs out of data, enqueue some silence before consuming the next valid buffer to ensure we don't constantly underflow

- Stop lights dimming to early in Hauler during Hyperspace sequence

- Improvements to AI docking at stations

- Fixed secondary audio explosions on IncrementingSequenceEffects activity

- Provide a good record of time of receipt; allow object methods to access the receipt parameters

- There is a verification when the camera position is set that it is within sensible boundaries. This is to avoid "jiggling"

- Docking schematic fix for ships picking the wrong schematic item to use their scale value from

- Station lighting overhaul and optimisations

- If AudioOutputStream ever builds up a backlog of buffers remove ones that we don't need to prevent a delay creeping in

- restricted the Throttle Forward-Only/Reverse options to only work in their intended situation, and changed the localisations to call out this fact. ForwardOnly doesn't effect the throttle buttons, reverse throttle only effects a ForewardOnly axis

- Updated the stations to use Vipers for patrol. There are still Eagles around Asellus Primus, but all Fed stations now have Vipers and Fighters, and Eranin has Vipers only

- Confirmation UI should have 'No' as the default on the left and 'Yes' on the right

- Generate time 'ping's back to edServer to measure the time skew between clients and the server

- Some greeble optimisation - attached some strut models together since they repeat at the same rate, saving about a third of the number of greebles referenced

- Audio: Fixed explosion events being cut

- Tweak to make the popup text more visible

- The landing pad schematic model now attaches to the correct bone Docking_Panel instead of Gauges_Panel

- Updated the way the edge length for the tessellated spheres (planets, moons and stars) is calculated

- Audio: Fixed targeting events posting for objects, stations and navigational targets

- Balancing station atmospherics with the new lighting

- Audio: Added quality (affected by ship heat and hull damage) and interference (affected by frame shift charge) rtpc to voice comms effects

- Station now has teeth, big shiny ones, and it ain't afraid to use em

- Use native depth textures for shadow maps

- Game loop advance time synchronised across clients using edServer

- New loadouts for AI ships

- AI fighter tactics pass

- Text mesh rendering added

- Sidewinder - Heavily optimized main LOD

- Audio: implement variable consumption rate of audio output stream's queued data

- Issue with changing UI tabs with Black Widow preset fixed

- Changes for oren nayar deferred shading

- Audio: fix how the audio activity spec data for KinematicBezierCurveMultiple was laid out

- A bunch of optimisations and changes to SpotLightActivity and LightCones

- Sidewinder - Updated dirt and mask, also added decals. Slight model tweaks

- Some anaconda loadouts given the right hyperdrives

- New police station patrol, with no scan, they'll just fly around and help out in case of danger

- Finishing mass lock indicator implementation in cockpit

- Stage 1 of implementing our new lag correction/local prediction methods

- Added trigger for GUI impact sounds that help highlight hits with projectile based weapons

- Hull Damage on smaller ships now produces additional explosion and impact sounds for greater pleasure

- Don't try and scan ships that are inside stations

- Particle system optimisations

- First pass on ambient traffic for stations, all non-anarchy stations should now have traders, miners, bounty hunters and smugglers buzzing around them

- [GERMAN] Fix some untranslated text on Galaxy Map

- Replicate mass-locking to proxies, and use it to set maximum speeds correctly

- [GERMAN] Lock and engage Hyperdrive cut short in German fixed

- Sidewinder - Updated decals and model to add details. Added bespoke parts textures

- [GERMAN] Text cut off issues on trading screen fixed

- Prevent the field around the station doors reaching out to absurd distances on occasion

- Re-merging of Islands takes account of matching allocs in the merging Islands

- Code added to detect unwanted space station killing

- When Tran****ing our own object to local don't tell everybody that we've gained authority - we'd already got it!

- Improved lighting for sidewinder cockpit

- Stop the cargo scoop and landing gear acting as space-brakes

- Added new pirate loadouts

- Update ship position each physics sub step rather than each frame while docked - help prevent Toku going mad while docked

- Reworked dust particles so the light from the center of the galaxy is taking into account

- Remove the Authority dummies used for lag correction from the physics Spatial database, so they don't block raycasts

- Fixed: [GERMAN] "KONTOSTAND" (Balance) is cut off in station services menu

- Changed vignette on outfitting screen to cover less of the ship

- Improved AI collision avoidance

- Solar flare 1 now aligned along Y and using gravity

- Clear down the turn flag on disconnect, so we don't try using an invalid turn link when reconnecting

- Update to the Eagle's default paint job, with new UV3 layout + additive green layer

- Set up complex star systems correctly

- Set up the current batch of stations so that they get their name applied via the TextMesh renderer

- Hardening player addition/removal checks in case of new connections which had state established earlier

- AI don't start launch process if a player is in the way. Better to stop them here than when they're waiting in a ring around the station door

- Added a lens flare to other ships in supercruise which can be seen from a distance of 1 AU

- Detect a network comms issue where we're re-sending the same ack message too many times, which indicates the machine at the other end is not receiving our traffic

- Ship mass management enhanced

- 'Ghost ship' at toxic waste unidentified signal source scenario fixed

- Ship Heat Capacity Rebalance

- Federation stations now have their name under the portal and a ID number on the rim

- Display list of bounty vouchers in the ExtPanel

- Distance of other players in supercruise is displaying incorrectly at large distances fixed

- Add Docking track

- Fix ShieldEmitterModule trying to reform then break a shield when the generator is turned off while charging

- Stopped ships that don't have it set from dropping cargo on death. Toning down dropout linear force

- AI update. Stop anaconda being stupid. lower jitter on attack from behind. increase accuracy required before firing

- Federation Coriolis stations now display a "postcode" from the starsystem data Federation Coriolis stations now display a "postcode" from the starsystem data

- Fixed a potential conflict with output streams wwise game object names

- Adding new Jurisdictions and laws

- Server moderated death

- Normalise a vector to prevent nonsense forces if the player manages to line up perfectly with the docking bay

- Tweaked equipped frame shift drive sizes

- Fix for planet culling culling rings when you are in them

- Fixed some timing issues with AudioEmitterEvents end callbacks management

- Added in ambient traffic for anarchy stations

- Stations now respond to AI criminals with lots of shooting

- The InnerDock now displays the name of the space station its attached to on the area around the portal

- Modified gauge panel to include nav compass label

- Audio: Changed AudioEmitterEvents to set event state to Idle if Wwise playback fails

- Type 9 - adjusted physics, tried to minimise glaring difference between lod 3 and lod 4

- Fix for shutdown of the ring where if it was alive but not active its render thread shutdown may not be called when the ring is destroyed

- Rewrite how speed bleedoff works when moving above your top speed: it's halved when FA is on, and none at all when FA off

- Fix a bug where combining thrust axes in FAOff can lead to exceeding max speed

- When both engines and flight assist are off, don't hard set the ship's angular velocity to zero

- Ships in supercruise now have a particle trail which can be seen when up close

- [GERMAN] Contacts menu has a few words cut off fixed

- When just sending a SEQ letter to keep a connection alive, increment the sync sequence, as we're now looking at repeated SEQs as indication of a poor connection

- Restructured component factory for network components

- Audio: ensure we clear callbacks when un-registering events in AudioEmitter

- Black market existence now server moderated

- Audio: improve the handling of callback cancellation to allow for interactions with audio object from the render thread

- Remove the un-paid-for modules when rebuying old ship in the resurrection dialog; restore default armour if necessary

- Centralise where we get the approach distance of planets & stars, tweak those numbers so that we get a better impression of how large/small a star is

- AI - force a fight on some scenarios by setting attack duty



Patch Notes (#4)



- Change some crimes to use Fines instead of Bounties

- Death has now an hourglass

- Planets and stars now can configure the camera stack name used for computing the screen size of the sphere and the textures camera direction

- Fixed a problem with planets tessellation. The process of updating the local coordinates of the stellar object instances wasn't working correctly

- Improve hitcheck on inner dock

- Known complex star systems added

- Fix for incorrectly exported binary systems

- Docking offences do not apply to players under the control of a docking computer

- Allow AI ships to break off from the hyperspace-away process if they are attacked *and* the reason they are hyperspacing away is *not* that they have a low hull or no shields

- Changes to the outerring lighting model to reduce scrolling artefacts as it blends when very near

- Add Police_ThankYouPassedStopAndSearch chatter lines to Police Patrol/Passthrough AIs

- Fixed the ring so it isn't receiving planet rotation

- AI update. stop jinking unless being shot when being chased

- Added duplicate missiles with appropriate prices to solve issue and altered the missile clip size for medium launchers

- Audio: ensure galaxy map star audio is set to Force_Stop - should fix the occasional hanging objects when leaving the galaxy map

- Don't report a crime when adding bounties as part of initialisation (for NPC default bounties), just update the stored bounty values. Stops AI ships/station attacking NPCs with bounties in other jurisdictions

- Changed star particles to take their colour from the corona colour instead of the artist colour

- Added fresnel to dust particles in galaxy map

- A high security rating would result in high skill police and weak pirates and vice versa

- Dead systems have a very low chance of interdictions and have their own pool

- Fix WaitForWeaponFiring activity to wait until the weapon fires in game, and to ignore trigger presses when firing is disabled

- When authority ships discover that a target has a local bounty through a ship scan, make the local station hostile to the target (as well as making the authority ship hostile)

- Optimisations and pipe-lining work on TrailRenderer classes

- Removed FSD and Heatsink launcher to lower overall passive power consumption

- Added Anaconda_Bobblehead

- System contents generation system updated

- Updated HELP_slide4_label2 to read "Use DIVERT POWER TO WEAPONS to increase WEAPONS COOLING capability."

- Made the station laser turrets more deadly, don't mess with the station

- Scanner floats away from the HUD when exiting Supercruise whilst using the Oculus Rift fixed

- Upgrade cash-for-cargo to use a proper market trade request

- AI update. make ai turn around sooner instead of flying too far away

- Adjusted the shape of the some of the models Tweaked the cloud shape's positions and rotation

- Improve loading time for station services menu

- Combat Bonds to use Vouchers

- Allow kinematic audio to specify multiple emitters per cue

- Better handling if we get a crc error in a fragmented letter

- Cull the location list based on fuel range

- Add a percentage chance that appropriate ships will jump away when they detect an authority ship, rather than always doing so

- Stop cockpit glass scratches becoming insanely bright when near a star

- Added adaptive shadow cascades based on depth analysis. Use adaptive shadow cascades in high shadow quality

- Lowered the minimum shadow distance ratio so fine details on space stations get shadows up close

- Tweaked the generation to reduce the occurrence of binary planets/moons and make made some stars have a chance to not have any planets, this is more likely for stars in binary pairs

- Star light scales with distance. When star light has been scaled up, it is also scaled if you can see the star. The background brightness is scaled oppositely to the star brightness

- Small improvement to galaxy map grid line aliasing. Looks crisper

- Slight tweak to galaxy map grid labels

- Resurrected system connections, now based off player's ship actual jump radius

- Replaced old cobra engine with one that fits in with drive unit progression size template. Class 4 for use with the type 6

- Update to missed conspicuousness value on the Cobra

- Tweak Insurance data default values, extra safety checks

- Improved the trails look by reducing the number of cases that overlapping quads appear, the outer radius trail now scales down proportionally with the inner radius trail

- Enabled multiple lighting for surfaces and atmospheres

- Fixed incorrect fire interval on medium cannon

- Islands can now be closed, stopping instances from accepting new clients/hooks

- Triple buffer the final depth analysis render target to avoid stalls. Handle unsupported frustum counts in frustum zero override check

- Half Lambert Support in Deferred

- Don't use the system's address as seed for generating individual planet details as every planet would be the same. Use the body address instead

- Fix some rotation oopsies near planets and stars. You now faceplant into the star on arrival as designed

- Fix for station bounding cylinder

- Audio: implement a more robust way of handling callbacks from wwise

- Make cockpit glass receive shadows

- Planets: Start texture generation as soon as they are created (if visible in terms of distance and radius).

Otherwise the generations is delayed until the finish of the loading screen and any close planets are invisible for a small period of time

- Can now select any system from the galaxy map and have it appear as a navigation marker back in the cockpit

- Adjusted how the generator looks at the abundance of elements and works out metal/rock/ice/gas amount, this solves the issue with planets all coming out with large amounts of metal

- Only eject cargo when jumping away if there are hostile ships around, and we are not in a station's NFZ

- Audio: don't wait on unreferenced callbacks to called-back on shut-down, as we've cleared the callbacks

- Removing Alpha 4 Unidentified Sig Sources

- Fixed the classification of planets to not give a certain classification to a planet if it falls out of bounds of that classification

- Audio: don't try to start and stop events out of sequence - fixes the repeated posting of events which generate invalid playing ids

- Fix for Ring Cell voxel grid

- Audio: Fixed AudioEventHelpers not returning the playingID in all situations

- Fixed the station's capital broadside gun ammo being overly bright and scaled down. Polished the muzzle flash and added a light too!

- It seems that at a certain range out (4km) during combat, AI will retract their hardpoints so stop that

- Don't save credits balance - all credits transactions are now performed server-side

- Filter out small gaps in the depth buffer that cause depth analysis to become unstable

- If the maximum depth is passed the last shadow cascade distance immediately snap to the current target depth

- Tweaked the chance of planets forming to be less around binaries

- Tweaks to adaptive shadows. When pushing out distances be conservative and go a bit further than required. Updated settings to make small adjustments less obvious

- Wanted status added to the system popup

- A small change on the swirl bands. With and height sizes are always proportional. Before two random values where generated independently

- Extened delay between galaxy map intros to 4 hours

- Use adaptive cascades in medium quality settings. Fixed issues with texel stability in medium and low shadow settings. Improved shadow cascade cross fading in high quality

- Changed police to use sys authority instead of fed. added fed versions changed police scenarios to use sysauthority instead of fed. added fedpolice version

- Adjusted the Class4_A exhaust cones and balanced the medium thruster lights

- Some tweaks to system generation to increase number of gas giants.

- Made the close star encounter less severe.

- Made some of the classifications more strict on their temperature range

- Audio: fix some incorrect rtpc names for hyperdrive control

- Added safety check to ensure we can't create a key of the wrong length if we get garbage input

- Always ask whether to kill an object from an external event. Add death event reasons so the decider has enough information to choosealways ask whether to kill an object from an external event. Add death event reasons so the decider has enough information to choose

- Fixed a schematic docking offset issue

- Polish to plasma accelerator muzzle flash

- Audio: fix some incorrect rtpc names for supercruise control

- Display broadcast announcements from server along with text chat

- Updated the medium landing pad scale value to a better size that actually fits within the cockpit dashboard

- Audio: Setting up blast shield events properly

- Audio: moving station inner dock comms tower emitter position

- Polished the class4_A retro drive effect and balanced the light

- Decrease upper clamp for cockpit glass lighting

- Remove unnecessary transitions from ShipAI that were causing ambiguous paths

- Fixed damage decals not appearing in profile configuration

- Check 'Clip to view' in lens flare activities to stop the headlight lens flares becoming visible inside the cockpit

- Fixed galaxy map camera controls clashing with UI navigation controls

- Sett the no-fire zone to 10km (used to be 4km) on some stations.

- Don't force enable flight assist during boosts. Also fix a bug uncovered with how the acceleration multiplier is applied during boosts that would have lead to very inconsistent behaviour based on framerate

- Added a new stripes module more suitable for gas giant bands. Also fixed the variable frequency in the old stripes module

- Adjusted distortion on the Class7_B drives

- Prevent avoid obstacles making ships fly backwards and drift about in front of the player

- VFX for other players while in supercruise together

- Removed all cargo from Fed Fighter authority ships (they don't have cargo holds or hatches) and changed a Tantulum to Personal Weapons

- Fix art for Type 9 shield impacts

- Choosing the freewinder sends you to Eranin

- Update D star to also include DQ - fix for all star star noise files where curl noise module has dropped some legacy support

- Fix for broken aspect ratio scaling

- Moved cargo scoop on Type 9

- A whole raft of animation tweaks and updates

- Separated the info panel from the navigation panel

- Prevent players exploding on loading

- Remove GPU stall on depth analysis

- Art pass on all planetoid bodies

- Audio: Fixed hyperdrive point of no return posting the wrong event

- Added mass to armour modules

- New ring cell blends

- Fix two sign errors. No, they don't cancel out

- Moved the radar renderer down one render layer so it can be brightened by the hyperspace effect

- We should make sure that the UniversalAddress of the RandomEvents is legit. We should not spawn a random event inside a body's inner radius

- Updating the trade goods found in ships in scenarios to match new list Adding some new CargoDrop Scenarios

- Block text chat and voice chat to or from players on the ignored list

- Terrestrial Heavy Metal planet fixes

- Fixed some now-dead items in ambient traffic

- Metal Rich planet fixes

- Make nav/targeting icons appear outside of cockpit rather than on cockpit glass

- Terrestrial_Rocky and version with rich atmosphere fixes

- RockyIceWorld variant update

- Reset the m_repeatAckCounter when disconnecting, so if we reconnect we don't immediately think things have gone wrong

- Bounty store now uses Vouchers

- Updates to slushworld

- Art pass on Venusian planet type

- Art pass on ice mantle planet

- Ensure the the state of the panels and the state the game thinks the panels are in is the same

- Fix Pirates being "wanted" in anarchies

- Host of changes to how stations calculate both their rotation axis and rotation around that axis

- StationInnerDock StationVoice emitters group

- Localised the control binding groups

- Moved headlook toggle into the headlook group so it can be bound to the same key as galaxy map controls

- Make planets in local system more visible

- Fixed screenshots at non-multiple-of-4 resolutions

- Audio: Ignore playback requests for non begin end events while the emitter is in virtual state

- Added quality settings to galaxy map background Added quality settings to galaxy map background

- Updated the Class4_A retro thrust effect & lighting

- Set collision filter on bobble head body to not collide with anything

- Stencil fix for distant ring

- Art pass on Waterworld Terraformed (earth-like)

- Art pass on Waterworld

- Fixed ring specular

- Art pass Habitable ice world

- Art pass terraformed habitable ice world

- Art pass habitable outdoor world

- If there is a target marker behind the currently selected target it displays when you face the target causing your selected target to be un-readable fixed

- Fixed mouse cursor momentarily appearing after exiting hyperspace

- Fix occasionally showing up miles away from the star after diving into it

- Fix for double quantities being shown for supply

- The "Loaned" weapon no longer appears in your buy-back

- Show wanted status in the system map body popup

- Kick player out to station services menu if an outfitting screen transaction fails

- [Thrustmaster Hotas-X] Interface menu erratic behaviour. Assuming the POV hat is centred when the game window gains focus seems to fix this issue

- Fixed docking requests voice notifications to happen at the right timing

- When receiving a new object letter, check this machine is in one of the sessions in the session list before creating the object

- Fixed incorrect hyperdrive cool down time after interdiction on Hauler

- Delete DeathLetterRequest before checking for Proxy references, as the DeathLetterRequest can hold some

- When checking whether the compound object (the space station) is ready to take over authority, and we look at the subsidiaries to see whether they've been initialised enough for us to take over, limit that check to non-local subsidiaries

- Add Nvidia workaround to enable 3D acceleration on mobile GPUs

- Fix for star hotspot lensflares disappearing when transitioning between supercruise/normal flight

- Cargo canisters and cargo units should not share IDs

- Missiles ignore collision with anything registered as part of the ship that fired them, prevents them hitting their own shields

- Tweak to hardpoint doors which were poking through the hull when open on Eagle

- Ensure that taking authority can actually happen with an unexpected station death

- After a module change, only save once it's safe to do so

- Fix for incorrect audio for 'Cargo hold at maximum capacity'

- Updated all atmosphere settings on planets to match new atmosphere

- Added a new shield generator for use by easy AI ships

- Code side economy numeration did not match compiler side enumeration. Economy types should be correct now

- Change to small hangar lighting to improve contrast & specular response on the ships for the paintjobs


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È possibile avere qualche screen? :morris82:

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Domani posto qualche screen, s'è fatto un po' tardi. :Morrisfuma:

Modificato da The_Train

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Ho fatto la mia prima missioncina, con annessa trade route. Ero come un bimbetto in un negozio di giocattoli. :sard:

Al ritorno c'era un po' di traffico su Azeban, prima che la torre mi assegnasse un Landing Pod son passati 5 minuti buoni. :asd:

Ecco qualche screen!





























Modificato da The_Train

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Beta 1.01


Fix softlock in hyperspace (or 2 instances of it at any rate)

Reduce debug churn on servers

Fix routing letter log file spam

Additional guard against disappearing stations

Fix crash for delivery mission with no cargo

Fix for start system name not showing up when returning to base after a collect or massacre mission

Fix for PirateLord assassination mission having a zero length minimum jump distance

Some text tweaks

Fix for update damage crash

Prevent OOM GPU crash with missing page in vertex or index buffers

Added paint job hook in with store

Added code side mission minimum jump distances, and added the contracts to the mission description

Fix null value crash in launch bay

New GFx Libraries with Scaleform's most recent heap code

Prevent false positives in the player info ship check when new peer ship is in supercruise

Handle the case when a NewObject letter fails to read the new object's factory

Prevent crash on null value in docking door

Very slightly increased the max fuel per jump attribute so that the smaller ships can jump a tiny bit further than before (around 6 LY rather than 5.5 LY)

Send error telemetry on saved game XML parse failure

) Prevent the DockingComputer from access violating

Defaulting the station to draw everything and only turn bits off based on position, instead of the other way around

Mission templates for completing the mission on delivery rather than returning to the station

Minor change to the layout of the first internal panel (status) to allow names of up to and possibly over 20 characters to be shown

Salting StellarBodyEffectsRenderInstance with some extra sanity checking.

Fixed non-initialisation report details on ShppPersonalisationComponent

Changed StellarBackgroundRenderInstance to have zero defaults

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